Benefits of VoIP for Desktop

Comprehensive communications solution

  • Plug in a headset and use VoIP for Desktop to call, text, and fax from your computer.
  • HD voice delivers crisp, clear sound.*
  • Secure voice prevents unauthorized interception of audio streams.
  • Easily start an audio conference or online meeting with one click.
  • Access your company directory and see your colleagues’ availability for a chat or call.
  • VoIP for Desktop seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Office and Outlook® applications, so you can call, text, or fax your contacts from within Office.**

Intuitive interface and advanced call management

  • The user-friendly design provides easy management of your calls, faxes, and texts.
  • Messages instantly sync with your account, so you can stay on top of your communications.
  • Single view of current call, incoming calls, and calls on hold. Options to switch calls, send to voicemail, or add the caller to a conference.
  • Easy-to-use call control functions in the app enable you to make blind/warm call transfers, park and retrieve calls in the cloud, flip calls on
  • the fly, record calls, and more. Quick call control from select headsets is also supported.***
  • Add up to four people to an existing call, or split the calls at any time.
  • Screen incoming calls, ignore calls, send callers to voicemail, or reply to callers with default or personalized messages.
  • Handle calls more efficiently by viewing multiple incoming calls on one screen, with options to answer the call or send the caller to voicemail.
  • Reply to calls with one click. Block numbers. View faxes. Listen to voice messages—everything is at your fingertips.

Head-up display (HUD)

  • Single interface to view up to 100 user extensions with real-time presence, and efficiently manage multiple incoming calls from the desktop.
  • Easily add, delete, and drag-n-drop extensions within the display; the list automatically synchronizes across VoIP for Desktop and desk phones.
  • Answer multiple calls, quickly transfer calls, add a caller to an existing conference, park calls, and pick up calls on behalf of other extensions.
  • Efficient call monitoring directly within HUD.* Allow supervisors to listen in, coach staff, join calls, or take over the conversation.
  • Communicate within seconds, sending text messages to anyone in your company.

Business SMS

  • Use your business phone number to text anyone directly from your computer.
  • Send a single text communication without the headache of hitting the number of character limit.
  • Click phone numbers in text messages to dial, or click URLs to open them in a browser window.
  • Send group texts to colleagues or departments, and view conversations in one text thread.

Voice conferencing and online meetings

  • Start an audio conference or online meeting from VoIP for Desktop without using separate applications.
  • Send invitations with international dial-in numbers via email or text message.
  • Participants using VoIP for Desktop or a mobile device can easily join conference calls from text invitations.
  • Add callers anytime during a conference call.

*Features are available with VoIP Office Premium and Enterprise editions. **Integration with Microsoft Office available for VoIP for Desktop for Windows® only (requires Microsoft Outlook 2010 or later). ***VoIP for Windows supports select Plantronics headsets that allow users to control calls directly from their headsets, such as mute, hold, pickup, hand up, and next call. Feature availability may vary depending on model of headsets.

VoIP for Desktop FAQs

What are the system requirements for installing VoIP for Desktop?

For Windows 7 (or later):

  • 1 GHz (32-bit) or 2 GHz (64-bit) processor
  • Minimum of 512 MB of RAM
  • 200 MB of hard drive space

For Mac OS X® 10.7 Lion (or later):

  • Intel® processor
  • Minimum of 512 MB of RAM
  • 100 MB of hard drive space

Do I need to uninstall the current application before installing the new version of VoIP for Desktop?

  • No. You can have both versions installed on your computer. However, VoIP recommends using the newest version of VoIP for Desktop to take advantage of its advanced features and intuitive interface.

Will the messages in VoIP for Desktop sync with the messages in my account online?

  • Yes. All calls, faxes, and voicemails are synchronized instantly. Text messages will synchronize with your VoIP mobile app as well.

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