Our goal is to consistently outperform our competitors on how we deliver our services to you, thru cutting edge technology while keeping cost very low.

Cloud based Communication is here to keep your budget low and to give access to state of the technology otherwise not possible in the traditional Phone system Communication within your organization, with your clients is vital to your success, therefore we provide you with a reliable, efficient, secure, fast and easy to adapt integration, thus ensuring you peace of mind. We aim at providing you with a customized solution that fits your budget and your needs.

Some Features Highlights

  • Attendant
  • Recording
  • Forwarding
  • Conferencing
  • Music On Hold

With our system, you can guarantee that your callers are efficiently pointed to their desired department or individual, Thereby attending to their needs. The Auto Attendant can be customized to fit your business model. Enhancing your business appearance, while reducing the quantity of unanswered calls, and yet reducing labor costs.

Simply program your system to record all your calls, then retrieve and review all your important phone calls at anytime, anywhere you are. Use recorded data for record keeping , quality training purposes. There's no hardware or software to install.

Forwards your calls and answer from anywhere in the world, whether at home , on the road, even using your cell phone. Set up your forwarding schedule, thereby stay connected with your employees and client. Dialport.net offers you that flexibility and freedom.

You can set up conference calls using Dialport.net full scale conference room feature. It allows callers to dial in through any internal or external number, and includes features like security pin setup and recipient entering and leaving announcements.

While on hold , you can keep your callers cheerful and engaged. You can select from several offered music selections or upload your own custom music on hold prompt. You can change the on-hold music from the website - to play appropriate messages during holiday periods or to announce special deals and new products etc.


“What I like about having Dialport.net is the ability to access and manage my system from anywhere via my tablet and smartphone”

Johnny casal, VP, Desirable Wear

“ I was amazed to see how easy it was to set up and be ready to go, did not need to have much knowledge “

Karen Peterson, VP Equipment on us

“ The reliability of the service is wonderful, easy to manage, definitely help increase sales. The SMS we use a lot to confirm our clients appointments.

Ed Langley, CFO, of Tax Experts


International Reach

Dialport.net provides you connection with the world at a reasonable cost, your London market seems virtually free and your Latin America market extremely affordable. Enjoy free international minutes to many destinations based on the plan you choose.

Virtual Number

Be within reach wherever your market extends Your international presence could feel local in more than 50 countries with our Virtual Number expansion , thereby enhances your organization presence globally. Be within reach wherever your market reaches Have a local number for Canada , London, France and 50 more destinations.

SMS Business

The ability so send text messages within your organization up to 1000 characters for announcement or reminders. Or to your clients worldwide announcing new promotions, payments /appointment reminders .

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